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Zamil, age 35, double Virgo, lives in Berlin. He had his Shibari training in Tokyo and studied the art of Japanese Bondage from Osada Steve, an acknowledged master of the japanese scene. Osada Steve himself inherited his name from the honorable master Osada Eikichi. With his partner maliZ, Zamil founded the perfomance project ArtSensual and since New Year´s Eve 2003/2004 the two are causing a fuzz at European clubs and events with spectacular live bondage.

maliZ, age 37, double Scorpio, lives in Berlin as well. She is responsible for the creative and organizational part at ArtSensual. This includes conceiving the shows, designing the web page and the flyers and planning the film and photo productions. maliZ also performs solo-shows.

More Information www.artsensual.de

Their Workshops

Japanese Bondage (Shibari) The tradition of Japanese bondage has existed for several hundred years. Its origins date back to the Sengoku-Dynasty (around 1500), when brutal torture methods were developed to be used mostly against Christians. Binding and Suspension were considered very specific techniques that required specialized masters. Nowadays bondage is practiced for erotic and aesthetic purposes, and during the Eighties the knowledge of the technique started to spread to Europe. The work of renowned photographers as Masami Akita and Nobuyoshi Araki further increased its popularity. Bondage Masters in Japan see themselves as artists who, in a sophisticated and detailed process, transform the tied-up human body into a work of art.

Japanese Bondage - Basics

Simple arm and/or leg bondage. Learn and try it out yourself! What kind of knots do I have to use ? How does it feel to be restricted, helpless, controlled ? How does it feel to restrain someone? To tie someone up ? What are the safety aspects to consider?

Japanese Bondage - Dressing up with Rope

The decorative possibilities of Bondage are demonstrated and explained. Zamil und maliZ will teach a classic decoratiion bondage and show how to create your own variations with a willing partner and a few lenghts of rope.

Japanese Bondage - Demonstration & Freestyle

A Suspension Bondage - the bound person completely freefloating in the air -will be performed. After that everyone is invited to improvise with a partner or in small groups with different materials and ropes. Zamil & maliZ will assist you with tips,tricks and ideas and will even untie you, if you do behave well...