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Tommy & Leona

Tommy from Norway and Leona from Sweden found a great way to combine pleasure with politics. With great idealism they fight for the rain forest through public sex-performances. Their web site www.fuckforforest.com, featuring pictures and short videos of them, friends and supporters enjoying 100% environmentally friendly erotic activities collected more than a 100 000 dollars in only a few months.. But here comes the catch: None of the big environmental organization wants to accept their money, being too afraid of being linked to even the most innocent form of pornography.
Now they plan to start their own rain forest project.
More Information www.fuckforforest.com

Their Workshop

Video and Photo Workshop

xplore05 wants to offer Leona and Tommy a platform for their mission. They will talk about their ideas and projects and will animate a video and photo workshop inviting you to experiment with photographing and being photographed during erotic action. At the end of the workshop you can decide if you wish to donate your best shots to their cause... Bring your cameras and camcorders!!