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Thomas Luhmann

For the past twelve years I have walked the path of Neo-Tantra and for the past eight years I have accompanied other people on their way by teaching workshops and offering individual sessions.
In my spiritual training and education I was especially influenced by the Lotus Tantra of Jovana Wex, by a two-year-program in an all male group of Bodhi Ebermann (Orgodynamics) and by a three-year Encounter- Training at the Human University in Egmond an Zee (NL) with Veeresh (D. Yuson-Sanchez), Premdip (M.Simon) and Aamond (W. Schwade). I have rounded out my training by studying Souling with Martin Siems, Bodyelectric by Bodyelectric Europe and Five Rythms with Gabrielle Roth. At the moment I am training as a Systemic Therapist.

From my teachers I have learned that self-acceptance is the only key to well-being and growth. This means to me that a fulfilling sexuality plays a key role in my life. The aspects of the body - nourishment, sleep, well-being, sport and Yoga - are equally important to me as the aspects of the mind, the psyche and the soul.

I love men, but I am in no way afraid of touching women.

more Information www.gaylovespirit.org

His Workshops:

The Penis or the Male Sex

He is your universal lust and life provider. Every man should be proud of him, the little friend. In your education he was mostly completely ignored, or loaded with taboo. As a young man maybe other guys tried to grab him, or they compared his length with their own rods. Often the root of a complex was then planted. In the workshop we will talk about our own perception of our dicks and about the perception of others. During a little ritual we will show, touch and sniff them in a safe and comfortable atmosphere. Whatever kind of complex you might have concerning your cock, we will do the first steps towards healing.You will look at your willy differently afterwards!
workshop for men only !

Touching men I

Touch can be soft and hard, fluid and firm, erotic, intimate, approaching and fulfilling. Me and my assistant Kai Ehrhardt will give a little introduction to erotic (not sexual) massage. We will guide you to give a massage and accompany you when you receive touch. workshop for men only !!

Touching men II

We continue on the stream of touch. This time the receiving men communicate where and how they wish to be touched and we try to give them a sensually beautiful and unique massage session.
workshop for men and women - but only men will be massaged!