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Theo Altenberg

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Theo Altenberg is an artist, musician and author who lives in Berlin. From 1973 to 1990 he was part of the Friedrichshof Commune and lived and worked in the communes in Paris, Zurich, Duesseldorf and Munich. From 1975 to 1992 he regularly moderated Self-Expression groups. In the middle of the Nineties he developed his own form of dance performance which was shown at various festivals (Sonar, Barcelona; Love Parade, Berlin; University of Havanna, Cuba ) and in techno clubs (Ultraschall, Munich; WMF, Berlin; among others)

His Workshops:

Self-Expression I & II

Self-Expression is an experiment of ecstasy. It was developed by Otto Mühl and members of the Friedrichshof Commune (Vienna, Austria) in the Seventies. Every evening, from 1975 until the late Eighties, the members of the Commune and outside visitors met to celebrate the Unknown within Ourselves. The original form of Self-Expression links ideas from the happenings of the Wiener Aktionismus (1962-1971) with the theories of Wilhelm Reich and the rituals of tribal cultures.
The basic setting for Self-Expression is a circle. Everyone can step into the center and draw the attention of the others to his or her personal performance. The art of Self-Expression demands authenticity and a capacity for ecstasy. The person is required to bring his feelings, dreams and experiences into spontaneous expression, to create a strictly personal story from his/her internal chaos of images. This can happen through dance and movement as well as language and voice. Taboos can be transgressed and states of trance can be achieved. The only restriction is that actual violence may not be used. No one is allowed to menace or physically endanger other participants with his/her actions.
The creative process is supported by an experienced moderator, who sits on the side or even steps into the circle, and guides with comments and propositions. Self-Expression is an artform; it does not follow a therapeutic logic.

Free Love - Free Sexuality

Theo will show a short film on the issue and then moderate a discussion which will focus on the individual stories, experiences and wishes of the participants. He draws from thirty years of experience with all kind of group and couple relationships and might bring some wisdom into the debate.