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Miras L. Verde

42 years old, Stubborn Sensual Devotee and Urban Amazon, Miras links profession with passion. She is a mediator and trainer for productive dealing with differences, civil courage and direction, coordinatiion, communication, the joy of conflict and other social skills...
Plain stereotypes bore me, taboos attract me and I am burning to find out what is under the surface (or rug). My curiousity for people with all their strenghts, weaknesses, vulnerabilities and idiosyncracies is unlimited. I always find it wonderful to encourage people to unfold and to grow - preferably with as much fun as seriousness. I am permanently upset how much conventional teaching models have distorted many people´s natural joy of learning and their desire for understanding. In my opinion a learning process should rather stimulate, encourage and inspire than judge and standardize. It should help us to be creative, self confident individuals who can realize our specific knowledge and skills in our lifes and careers.
Faithful to the motto “People like to be entertained, not instructed!" my workshops treat difficult and even painful issues in a playful and attractive way. I prefer to give the participants a sensual experience rather than a long lecture. As in a good mediation my task is to give structure to the process and otherwise trust the ability of everyone involved to draw his or her own conclusions.
I do my work with heart and committment. It reflects the experience and knowledge collected in 25 years of working with or participating in groups. I believe in what I do. There are no standard solutions in my workshops and private sessions: In the end all it is about is contact to oneself and to others, depth, trust, humanity, resistance, courage, individuality, esteem and respect.
In the beginning of the Eighties I was politically active in lesbian and wome´s lib groups. My coming out as a lesbian was in 1983. I always loved to be a “girl", prefered the “blokes among the lesbians" and recently have became more outspoken about the fact that I am fascinated by dominance and “virility" in my counterparts. The submissive masochistic fantasies of my childhood made me devour stories containg the slightest trace of rattling chains or other sounds of torture instruments. I loved to be kidnapped and tied to the stake. Nevertheless it was only in 1999 when I permitted myself my S/M Coming Out, before that I was too busy saving the world (which I have not managed to date). My appetite for submission is not a contradiction to feminism, spirituality and my identity as a strong, confident woman. Since 1999, I have known and appreciated the female S/M environment in Berlin to be respectful, joyful and supportive. Therefore in the last two years I was involved in the creation and organization of the "Berliner Frauen-SM-Treffen" and the annual International Womens-SM-Conference.

Her Workshops:

All my xplore workshops rely on the willingness of the participants to be actively involved and their wish to communicate with each other. Special skills, experiences or “role identities" are not needed -everyone interested is welcome!

Wickedness and Grace

Be what (-ever) you want.
In S/M we play with images and stereotypes. We look for our polar opposite, the force that resists our own. This is hot, but sometimes something gets lost: we tend to hide those parts of ourselves that appear to contradict the chosen role. This workshop is dedicated to the capacities and characteristics that attract us to our play/life partners, those which we would like to have (more of) ourselves.
My question is: What fascinates you? What touches you? What are you looking for in your counterpart? What are your fears and desires? What do you discover when you uncover?
This will be a journey backstage, behind the clichés and role models of male/female, sadistic/masochistic, dominant/submissive..What is in there in the dark? I would like to seduce you to dig a bit deeper, to discover new facets of yourself, to appropriate and integrate them with pleasure.

About Power

Is Power always active? What kind of power does a “victim" have? S/M and D&S play with power and non-power, with “activity" and “passivity", but who is really running “the game"?
Are we aware of our (actual) power? The less consciously we act or communicate, the easier we end up with misunderstandings, erroneous expectations and disappointment. This workshop explores in depth the power of the submissive and the powerlessness of the dominant. It is about active helplessness, the courage of humility and the art of Tempting. It deals with active passivness as well as with free-willed and powerful devotion. What responsibility do we have in our role? Where are the traps and the edges? And where are hidden treasures yet to discover?

Conflict makes Sense

What are the typical misunderstandings and conflicts in different forms of S/M relationships? What makes these conflicts so particularly difficult? What kind of edges, fears, insecurities and dependencies are we confronted with? What are my possibilities as a submissive or as a dominant to deal with problems? How can I turn an unpleasant argument into a gain for both? A workshop of self reflection, where we can share experiences and find out about individual communication and possibilities for solutionsbeyond the usual strategies of fighting or escaping.