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Ilka Stoedtner

Photo Ilka Stoedtner

Born in 1965, Ilka has worked in Chinese Medicine and has been a practitioner of martial arts for 15 years. She practiced communal living at the ZEGG and at the DIAMOND LOTUS INSTITUT where she was also introduced to Tantra. From 1999 on the has intensely studied ADVAITA TANTRA with Advaita Maria Bach. Her methods aim to raise bodily consciousness and to link power and emotion with a specific focus on the capacity for self abandon and change of perception. She is notorious for her humour and stubbornness.

Her Workshops:

Partner Yoga

Partner Yoga stimulates your energy and trains your body through touch and joy. It has a beneficial effect on the internal organs and influences breath, menstruation and orgasmic functioning. Its six basic positions are based on the knowledge of Chinese Medicine and are part of the basic exercises of Advaita-Tantra

Cathartic Massage

A very special massage: It helps to break up physical blockages. It is certainly not the most pleasant kind of massage, but its effects will remain unforgettable. A great introduction to Tantra for S/M players!

Bioenergetic Excercises

Bow and Little Fire Column The Bow and The Fire Column are bioenergetic exercises. They help to sharpen the will and to increase the ability to devotion. They release blockages and free the orgasmic reflex, which travels through the whole body into the feet. In a metaphoric sense the exercises stand for the stepping out of the darkness of unconsciousness. The energy rises and transforms into spiritual power.