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Ein Wochenende mit 42 Workshops zur Kunst der Lust


For your Information:
Due to the fact, that we have to protect our presenters for personal restrictions in their "normal life" we had to delete the biography from this site.

Her Workshops:

Live out your sexual fantasies:
Exhibitionism/Voyeurism, Crossdressing/Gender-Play, Gangbang/All against One

To make sex work well, a scenario very different from the one actually experienced might run in the minds of the partners. Because of shame or fear a lot of fantasies remain repressed and the actual sex life becomes shallow. Within the safe framework of this workshop the participants have the opportunity to tell which ideas really turn them on and to hear and experience the fantasies of others. With the agreement of the participants and in the framework of the legal possiblities, fantasies can be acted out. The protagonists will have the chance to experience to what extent they really wish to live those fantasies. (No obligation to consumate! ) Very often the acting out of a fantasy is less frightening than imagined. Maybe some participants might discover that keeping fantasies a secret only helps them to avoid expressing what they really want in their current sex life. Allowing oneself to follow an utopic idea is a step on the path to more authenticity and may liberate one from feelings of guilt. Playful handling of sexual fantasies releases us from the effort of repressing them and makes us accept ourselves with those fantasies. This will prevent these particular practices from becoming obsessions and controlling us, from performing them compulsively, and from damaging ourselves or others. Accepting and Noticing-what-is are the way to the Self.

This workshop is not an introduction to swinger clubs or gangbang parties. It is about putting sexual fantasies into perspective by experiencing and observing them. Everyone who wishes can bring in and act out his or her specific fantasy. To people in relationships it offers an opportunity to try things they can not do or do not dare to do as a couple. Participants might play roles in the scenarios of others as long as these scenes stay within their limits or even match their own fantasies.
Due to the limited time of the course not all ideas will be put into practice, but one might be surprised by the fact that many fantasies are very similiar.

For each workshop day  we will propose a main topic:
Cross Dressing / Gender-Play
Gangbang / All against One