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Ein Wochenende mit 42 Workshops zur Kunst der Lust

22/23/24 JULI 2005

delta® & C.D.


Since the End of the 70s, delta® has been working as a performer and manager in several theatregroups in Berlin.

In 1985 he started, first autodidactically, concentrating on dance, later on Japanese Butoh. In 1987 he founded "tatoeba - Théatre Dance Grotesque", together with Minako Seki and Yumiko Yoshioka. It was the first German-Japanese Butoh Ensemble in Germany.
Since 1995 he is co-directing the dance exchange project "eX...it!" with Yumiko Yoshioka which takes place at Schloss Bröllin e.V.
1998 he developed his "ritual feet washing ceremony".

Since the year 2000, his main focus has been collaborating with Gregor Weber and performing with Felix Ruckert in "Deluxe Joy Pilot", "Secret Service" and "Love Zoo" among others.

As a professed sadist, he has practiced S/M for many years actively. In his twisted mind pain and lust belong together. Pain is a catalyst for lust.
Since 2003 he has performed "Peitsche und Liebe" with C.D. combining S/M and dance. Their aim is to show that there are alternatives to the usual hard core S/M performances.
For more information see: www.feetwash.de

Their workshops:

Feet washing ceremony

Washing feet was a normal part of life in earlier times, because roads were dusty and shoes were expensive. Therefore washing feet was a daily ritual, a sign of respect and esteem for fellow people. It was not only used to clean, but to heal and to care for the feet, which were sore due to long distance walks. Meanwhile the feet washing ritual has disappered from daily life. Nowadays the idea of washing feet often causes amazement or astonishment.
He would like to bring new life to this ritual and answer the following questions:
- Why are feet so sensitive?
- How does the sensation of our feet give an impulse to the rest of the body?
- What should I know, if I want to do a feet washing ceremony?
Besides the workshop delta RA´i will offer a daily chance to experience a feet washing - either as a recipient or as a spectator. In the backyard during the long break.

Tickling & Bastonade

Our feet are both robust and extremely sensitive.
The torturers in former times used this knowledge to give convicts draconian punishment with a cane on the sole. This punishment was extraordinarily painful, but it didn´t leave any traces.
Even today, the classic "Bastonade" is often used to bring pain through the sole of the foot to the whole body. Foot torture is however much more than the simple use of a cane. Torture starts for everyone at a different point. For some of us, tickling may be much more torture than anything else.
This Workshop will provide many nasty ideas for different methods of torturing.

Flagellation 101

Through a variety of practical excercises we will give you a feeling for the use of different whips. Only the one who knows what it feels like to be whipped, is able to use a whip responsibly.
Where can I hit with diffent whips? How strong can I whip without leaving traces? Or in order to leave traces!
We want to give answers to common questions, like:
- Where to get a whip?
- How to transport the whip without having to tell the neighbours "I have a pony"?
- How to make your own whip?
Hands on Workshop

Flagellation for the Experienced

This workshop is explicitly for experienced sadists or/and masochists, who want to carry out a session in a safe but public environment. What kind of emotions are triggered by physical pain? What are my limits? How do I perceive my Hitting- or Receiving- Persona? What kind of images and thoughts are coming up?
We will organize several 30- minute-sessions to approach these and other questions regarding our practical experiences. There will be time for discussion and exchange afterwards.
As we aim for a very intense atmosphere, the number of participants wil be limited.

Please bring a partner!