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B. Sanguinaria

B. Sanguinaria has taught BDSM workshops all over Germany as well as in Vienna, at WALP/WildSide Amsterdam; SMOdyssey San José, CA; Wicked Women Seattle; Manchester's 1st International Women's SM Conference during Europride; upcoming: Leather Retreat in Maryland, U.S.A. - www.leatherretreat.com.

B. Sanguinaria cannot imagine a life without SM. She recalls a slightly inadequate reaction to the saints' martyrdom and still draws on the rituals of her catholic childhood. Today her credo is "Better scenes for everybody!"

She cultivates a full-blown negotiation fetish and is convinced that communication before, during and after scenes is the truly interesting aspect of SM. Besides she is a mean sadist and a fastidious Madame, Mother Superior or teacher. ;-)

In 1997 she was invited to the founding event of SchMacht!, the German network for woman-to-woman S/M (www.schmacht.org) and has been an active member ever since.

In 1998, she started to organize play parties, 1998-2005 the annual Women's S/M conference in Berlin.

B. Sanguinaria 's workshop topics range from "Knowledge is power", an intensive introduction to or deepening of BDSM practice, "Scenes for more than two", "How to find your perfect play partner" to "Plight - punishment - pleasure", in which she explains the physiological, psychological and cultural aspects of pain or "Body & Mind", a yoga and tantra-based workshop on finding your source of power, shifting energy and building trust.

The trained trainer's goal is a learning experience that lasts. Involving and interactive methods such as brainstormings, games, team exercises and discussion are key ingredients of her workshops.

Always fascinated by power and power structures in business and private life, she also offers workshops and coaching on these topics.

Her Workshop:


Language and voice are effective requisites in SM. A deliberate choice of words increases the suspense, the perfect tone creates especially intense scenarios and roles. In this workshop a number of possibilities are introduced - and immediately practiced:

* "Whatever pleases you, Madam!" ­ eloquency gets you a head start
* "What is the magic word?" ­ playing with clichés
* Putting your foot down ­ be present with a strong voice
* Ready-wit­ be as sharp as a blade
* Talk dirty to me­ and how do I dare to open my mouth?

As always, experience levels and areas of interest determine the focus topics of this workshop.
Fun is guaranteed.